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Technical Assistance Software Development. Services also include scanning application,  cad (CAD) drafting and pda (PDA) software development. Contact TCA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT for all your custom needs.

About Us


Does this sound familiar?

bulletYou have stacks and rolls of documents, drawings, and maps.
bulletFinding the document you need turns into a time-consuming process.
bulletYou have documents you still need, but would like them in an easy-to-store digital format.
bullet Locations of important documents and even important data is stored in your workers’ heads.


With the help of Technical Assistance Company, document headaches can be cured through systematic digital filing.


We can transform your pile of maps, filing cabinets of documents, or files of drawings into easy to store, easy to retrieve digital files. Turn that headache into an organized filing system on USB flash drive/CD/DVD. Beyond drawings, we scan color linework and photographs up to 36" wide.


The applications of scanning and plotting are increasing all the time. TAC is your one source for scanning, digitizing, and plotting. One sheet or hundreds, TAC guarantees reasonable rates, high quality, and fast service. This is the kind of performance that customers have come to expect from Technical Assistance Company.

Applications of scanning

bullet Architecture
bullet Archiving, Document Management
bullet Displays, Art, Photography
bulletDocument Archiving
bullet Engineering Drawings, Electrical Drawings
bullet Municipal Mapping Projects
bullet Manufacturing, Plant Layouts
bullet Manuscripts, Printed Matter
bullet Surveys, Land Records, Utilities
bulletE-mail attachments

Key benefits of scanning
(scanning converts a paper image to a computerized digital image)

bullet Economical means to (potentially) restore and redraft old drawings
bulletFrees up paper storage space
bullet Greatly decreases filing and retrieval time
bullet Consolidates documents and drawings
bullet Increases productivity
bulletInsures data existence even if originals are lost or destroyed
bulletAllows outputting to a different size from the original (enlarge/reduce)
bulletMultiple copies or even mass-distribution in digital format at low cost
bulletMail hundreds of drawings on a disk at a fraction of the cost of sending prints

Scanning features

bulletScan dimensions: 36” Wide by any manageable length
bulletImage scanning at 2 - 4 inches per second (Monochrome Linework)
bullet Capture color images in minutes
bulletWith Automatic Adaptive Thresholding, the ability of the scanner to differentiate between the real image and background noise, TAC can transform those         hard to read old blueprints and documents into clean, clear, scale retained digital files
bulletInverting, turn the old white on blue to black on white
bulletUp to 400 x 400 dpi resolution
bulletOutput to numerous image formats


More about TAC's WideCom™ scanner

When can it be done?

Technical Assistance Company can convert your drawings and documents into electronic form fast! TAC’s WideCom™ scanner can scan monochrome images at 2 running inches per second at 400 dpi and at 4 inches per second at 200 dpi. Ultimately, the size of the project determines turnaround time. We do offer 24 hour service for small jobs.

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